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1. Education: Meaning, Purpose, Problems and Expectations

— Professor Dr. Ravindra Kumar 1-12


2. Poetic Paysage of A.K. Choudhary

— N.D.R. Chandra 13-19

3. Margaret, Mem and Ruth in Alice Walker’s The Third Life

of Grange Copeland

— Th. Umabati Chanu, Prof. Th. Ratankumar Singh 20-25

4. Tom Stoppard, an Eclipsing Twinkle: Iconic to British Dramaturgy

— Praveen Kumar Anshuman 26-34

5. Importance of Sylvia Plath to American Literature History

— Dr. Nora Hadi Q. Al Saeed 35-43

6. Critical Analysis of Juka Jabang’s Poem : The Phoenix

— Olawuyi Mutiu 44-46

7. A Psychoanalytic insight of Shakespeare’s plays

— Rashmi Jain 47-54

8. Desirable Daughters: Negotiating Assimilation in a

Multicultural Society

— Manasa Rai 55-61

9. Sylvia Plath: The Real and the Imaginative

— Jaya Thoidingjam, Prof. Th. Ratankuar Singh 62-66

10. A Paper on the Projection of Dalits in Mulk Raj Anand’s

The Untouchable

— Dr. R.K. Pandey 67-69

11. Memories: The Mode of Revelation of the Story of,

The Good Earth

— Ambri Shukla, Dr. Shuchi Srivastava 70-75

12. Destabilizing Foundations in Alan Sillitoe’s “Loneliness of

the Long Distance Runner”

— M.K. Rukhaya 76-79

13. Wordsworth’s Pantheism: A Solution to Contemporary

Environmental Concerns

— Miss Gunjan Sharma, Dr. Pramod Kumar 80-83

14. “Immortality ODE”: William Wordsworth’s Insight Beyond Life

— Dr. Bir Singh Yadav 84-93

15. Confinement with special reference to Foucault’s

Madness and Civilization

— Dr. Ram Sharma, Dr. Archana 94-99

16. Deconstruction of Language in the Theatre of the

Absurd Plays

— Dr. Bharati Karnik 100-105

17. Indian English Novelists and Twentieth Century Politics

— Dr. Manish Joshi 106-111

18. A Diminishing but Persistent Socialist Value in Carl Sandburg’s


— Boinu Phalneineng Sitlhou 112-119

19. Philosophical and Moral Concerns in Anthony Burgess’

A Clockwork Orange

— Vasava Dutta 120-125

20. Ted Hughes as a War Poet

— Preeti Chitkara, Dr. Aruna Sharma 126-129

21. Arthur Miller: The Creator of Theatre for Common Man

— Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma 130-134

22. The Indefinable God of Walt Whitman

— Joseph Mathew 135-139


23. Call and its Effects on the Roles of Learners and Teachers

— M. Vijaya Lakshmi 140-143

24. Errors of English Grammar on Students of Manipur

— A.K. Sundari Devi 144-151

25. Conducting Error Analysis in Written English Particularly

in Arab learners

— Dr. Iram Sabir 152-158

26. Analysis of the errors on the use of Articles by Students of


— A.K. Sundari Devi 159-165

27. Explore Self and Kiss The Universe through Universal

Soft Skills

— Dr. Ram Sharma and Dr. Anshu Sharma 166-170


28. Role of Education in Rural Development with Regard to

Problems and Suggestions

— Gunjan Gaur 172-176

29. Indian Secularism and The Communal Challenge

— Dr. Sou. Sulbha Dilip Deshmukh 177-186

30. Progressing Globalization and its Effect on Higher Education

— Vikrant Chauhan 187-190

31. Attitude of Teacher Educators of Ambala District towards the

Relevance of Integral Education Advocated by Sri Aurobindo

Ghosh in the present Era

— Poonam Sawhney 191-194


32. Role of Discipline & Grievance in Human Resource Management

— Chanchal Bathkora 195-206

33. Disaster Management – Earthquake Disaster

— Saurabh Arora, Vijay Abrol 207-213

34. Emotional Intelligence – A Toll of Self Management or an Illusion

— Ms. Nidhi Behl and Ms. Chanda Jain 214-225


35. Parallel Economy: A Threat to the Legal Economy of India

— Ramna 226-239

36. Economic Reforms of Benazir Bhutto

— Shahid Mehmood 240-248

37. orZeku f”k{kk iz.kkyh Hkkjr esa csjkstxkjh dk izeq[k dkj.k

& izse jkt 249-250


38. Changing Trends in Teaching “Politicisation of Higher Education”

— Dr. Narendra Singh 251-253


39. Major Environmental Problem of Current Age – Water Pollution

— Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Gitanjali Kalia 254-256


40. izlkn dh dkyt;h jpuk /kqzoLokfeuh vkSj jk’Vªh;&lkaLÑfrd psruk

& dq- izHkk ;kno 257-260
41. dchj rFkk rqylhnkl ds dkO; esa HkfDrijd ewY;

& dqlqe yrk dkSf”kd 261-265


42. laLÑr ukVdksa esa pfj=&fp=.k dk egÙo ,oa Lo:i

& vpZuk 266-268


43. Effect of Pactitaxelon Embryonic Development up to Hatching

of the Fresh Watger Snail Lymnaea stgnalis

— Payal Mahobiya and Mangla Bhide 269-278


44. Technology Education in Rural Areas

— Dr. Abha Dave 279-282


45. Effect of adding basil leaves extract to Antagonistic fungi on

some pathogenic fungi for the roots of cucurbits

— Ameena Abraheem Moran Al-Surhani 283-291

46. Tuberculosis of the Endometrium (A PCR, Smear, Culture,

Histopathological study of 100 Endometrium Tuberculosis cases)

— Lata Yadav, Dr. Ashish Kumar Asthana 292-295

Creative Writing Section – Poems

47. Mirage of Life

— Dr. Ram Sharma 19

Childhood Memories

— Dr. Ram Sharma 25

O! Rose

— Dr. Ram Sharma 46


— Dr. Ram Sharma 54


— Dr. Ram Sharma 69


— Dr. Ram Sharma 75


— Dr. Ram Sharma 79


— Dr. Ram Sharma 93


— Dr. Ram Sharma 99


— Dr. Ram Sharma 105


— Dr. Ram Sharma 134 Lord Ganesha

— Dr. Ram Sharma 151

Use of

— Dr. Ram Sharma 171

SprinG Fever

— Dr. Ram Sharma 190

World of Imagination

— Dr. Ram Sharma 206


— Dr. Ram Sharma 225

Darkness in Streets

— Dr. Ram Sharma 256

Have Patience

— Dr. Ram Sharma 265

Priest of Labour

— Dr. Ram Sharma 282

Everything is There

— Dr. Ram Sharma 295

48. Book Review – It Pays to Care

— Theresa McCormick 296-298

49. Indo-European Rising : Azsacra Zarathustra

— Dr. Ram Sharma 299

Content for June Issue

Content for June issue of Glimpses:

1. The Implications of Global Warming on International Security,
Energy Policy and the Environment
– Dr. Carolyn D. Heising and Dr. Ram Sharma 1-6
English Literature
2. Standing for Peace and Marching against War
– Theresa McCormick 7-10
3. Wendell Berry: The Sense of Place and Placelessness in
Ecological American Poetry
– Dr. Norah Hadi Q. Alsaeed 11-22
4. Homeward Bound: An Ecospiritual Aesthetic in The Color Purple
– Jasminder Singh Dhillon 23-32
5. Folklore and Literature: A Study of J.M. Synge’s Plays
– Kongbrailatpam Gopeshwar Sharma 33-40
6. Subalternity and Colonial Politics in Shakespeare’s The Tempest
– Dr. Khem Raj Sharma 41-47
7. The Plight and Predicament of a woman in Narayan’s
The Dark Room
– Christina Mahainim 48-50
8. Long Live the Queen (With reference to the Importance of
English Language and its Job Potentiality)
– Daxa Thakor, Shah 51-57
9. Nissim Ezekiel’s Hymns in Darkness: His Religious and Philosophical
– Dr. Pallavi Srivastava 58-65
10. Life of a Woman in Southern Rhodesia: A Study of Doris Lessing’s
The Grass is Singing
– Ajit Kumar 66-71
11. “ODE to Duty” : Wordsworth’s Vision of The Universal Creed
– Bir Singh Yadav 72-78
12. Change in Outlook : Indian English Idioms in Post Independence
Indian English Poetry
– Dr. Priyanka Sharma 79-84
13. Sylvia Plath’s The Bee Poems : A Voyage from Fear to Aggression
– Kshetrimayum Gyaneshowri Devi 85-89
14. POE’ Surrealistic and Morbid Fiction: Creation of at once a
Universe that is grotesque, real and fantastic
– Dr. Tushti Sharma and Mr. Yogesh Kumar 90-99
15. Women Travel Writers : Some Issues
– Sangeeta Sharma 100-106
16. Female Aspects in Angela Carter’s Fiction
– Harvinderpal 107-112
17. Waiting for Death Theme-Language Combination in Larkin’s
“Next, Please”
– Thongam Dhanajit Singh 113-117
18. Yeats and Eliot : Personality/Impersonality
– Syed Ahmad Raza Abidi 118-124
19. Curse of being a Dalit : Traumatic Stories of Humialition and
– Vinod Chopra 125-134
20. Objet Petit a: A Cause of Perpetual Longing in Das’s Poetry
– Dr. Khursheed Ahmad Qazi 135-138
21. Different Style of Writings in Amit Chaudhuri’s Fiction
– Atiba Qamar, Dr. Mosam Sinha 138-141
22. Post colonialism and Indigenous Representation in the Plays
of Girish Karnad
– Dr. Krishna Singh 142-150
23. Astha’s clash of individual versus society in Manju Kapur’s
‘A Married Woman’
– Neha Ranjan, Archana Sharma 151-155
24. Devotional Themes in Mira’s Poetry
– Dr. Lilly Fernandes 156-160
25. Emergence of New Woman in Manju Kapur’s Novels
– Ashish Sangwan, Farrukh Hassan 161-167
26. Mahesh Dattani’s ‘TARA’ : A Saga of gendered self
– Dr. Archana and Dr. Ram Sharma 168-172
27. Naipaul’s Search for Selfhood in ‘Half a Life’
– Dr. Nisha Vishnoi 173-177
28. Aboriginalism : A Saidian Perspective
– Mohamed Hamoud Kassim Al-Mahfedi 178-187 29. Resisting Anglicisa Non: Studying Literature Defying the Text
– Dr. Somdev Banik 188-192
English Language
30. Quality Parameters in Higher Education through UGC and AICTE
and their Autonomous Accreditation Agencies NAAC and NBA
– Dr. Ram Sharma and Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj (Sharma) 193-200
31. Role of Communication Skill in Corporate World
– Dr. Balwant Singh Negi 201-203
32. 4 grounding as a Stylistic Device
– Lt. (Dr.) Satendra Kumar 204-208
Political Science
33. Political Emergence of Tribals in Postcolonial India
– Dr. Chetana Singh 209-218
34. Asserting One’s Culture on Foreign Soil
– Dr. Kanwalpreet 219-223
Journalism and Mass Communication
35. Print Media Utilization Pattern among Rural Women
– Dr. Archana Katoch 224-235
36. Perception about HIV/AIDS : A Survey among Higher
Secondary School Students
– Kavita Kukreja, Dr. Vikram Kukreja 236-243
37. Effect of Yogic Exercise on Emotional Intelligence of 12th
Class Students
– Bal Krishana Saini, Dr. Mohmad Rizwaan, Ms. Rittu 244-248
38. The Effect of Teacher Education Programme : A Study
– Shalini Devi 249-252
39. Different Strategies for Increasing Higher Education Access
– Dr. Mohammed A. Al Sale 253-259
40. “Women Education and Empowerment : Reality or Myth”
– Dr. R.D. Bharati 260-263
Department of Management
41. Performance Appraisal – A Tool for Employee Retention
– Ms. Surbhi Chauhan, Mrs. Shachi Gupta, Ms. Roma Khanna 264-268
42. Chemical Analysis of Betwa River Water with special Reference
to BOD & COD surrounding Vidisha City (MP) – India
– Dr. Anjali Sharma 269-274
43. The Physical Chemistry of Climate Change
– Dr. Fritz Franzen 275-278
44. Synthesis & Special Studies of few 3-Bromoacetyl chromones
& 2-Aminothiazolyl chromones
– Vinay Prabha Sharma 279-282
45. Study of Relation Between Abiotic Factors & Pulmonary Tuberculosis
(PTB) Infections in Saharanpur (India)
– Ashwani Sharma, Divik Tyagi & Akshay Sharma 283-287
46. An Evaluation of the Antibacterial Activities of Ocimum sanctum L.,
Ficus bengalensis L., Ficus religiosa L. and Allium sativum L. plant
extracts against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus
– Shalu Sharma and Shilpi Sen 288-292
47. To study the status of Ethnomedicine to cure Respiratory Disorders
through home remedies in Valsad District, Gujarat
– T.G. Gohil & B.T. Shah 293-307
Genetics and Plant Breeding
48. Growth and yield of two species of Mushroom Pleurotus florida
and P. sajorcaju in response to seasonal variations
– Saurabh Deep Singh 308-311
49. Effect of various treatments on dry weight of total weeds at different
growth stages of Wheat crop
– Gaurav Deep Singh 312-314
50. Impact on the Heamatology of Clarias batracus due to effluents of
Camphor and Allied Products Ltd. at District Bareilly, U.P.
– Ramesh Chandra, Adarsh Pandey, Arti Gupta 315-318
51. External Sources of Funds
– Nitin Kumar K. Patel 319-321
52. Inflation Accounting : Prospects and Concerns
– Nitin Kumar K. Patel 322-325
53. Analysing the Causes of Recessionary Job Stress –
A Gender Prespective
– Manoj Kumar Chaudhary, Swati Aggarwal 326-337
Computer Science
54. Chains of Commitment Software Architecture
– Shikha Tiwari, Upasana Dugal 338-346
55. ekgHkk’;Ñr “kkCndks”k ¼LQksV½ % ,d foospu
& MkW- uhye jkuh 347-350
56. dkO; esa “ys’k vyadkj dk egRo
& MkW- eatw oekZ 351-354
57. tuin eqt¶Qjuxj ds Hkwfe mi;ksx dk cnyrk Lo:i ¼1998&2009½
& f”kokuh feJk] MkW- “kkyw


Ruminations and Glimpses are bi annual journals  by Dr. Ram Sharma Editor in Chief